Like every practice has a set of principles, there are certain fundamental principles that are followed and preached in pilates too. Pilates is a low-impact exercise that leads you to the ultimate goal of fluidity, motion, and better core strength through the most challenging movements. Another aspect of pilates is breathing. Breathing is the utmost crucial point when it comes to pilates.

Joseph Pilates, the father of pilates often referred to his innovation as “Contrology.” Simply because his belief reflected the importance of the mind’s control over the body. He believed in the simple fact that one should have control of one’s body, not its mercy. Such control is produced by the mind itself which builds the body. His principle, also known as the principle of pilates when adapted rightfully blesses us with the various benefits of pilates exercises.

If you wish to experience the absolute health benefits of pilates, let’s understand the principles of pilates you can adapt to:

  • Control:

Being given the name “Contrology”, it’s not a surprise control is one of the basic fundamentals of pilates. The Pilates method is about mindfulness, with each movement being safe and structured as a part of muscle control. One of the key benefits of pilates exercises, with such mindful controlled movement, comes correct postures and form, giving all parts of the body due attention.

  • Precision:

As per the principle of pilates, precision emphasizes performing pilates exercises with accurate exactitude rather than completing repetitions with haphazard form. Precision in each movement is what leads to enjoying the full health benefits of pilates.

  • Flow:

Along with movement, pilates exercises are also about having the right yet gentle flow. Even when practiced in the 19th century, Joseph Pilates wished to integrate grace, fluidity, and ease of flow in pilates exercises. Continuous and smooth movement as you transition from poses brings about stamina and flexibility, building the right flow of movements. Not to mention this is the major health benefit of pilates.

  • Breathing:

Probably one of the best elements of pilates is how it leads you to focus and better your breathing. Joseph Pilates strongly preached on the fact that learning to breathe correctly is the most integral thing even if the other principles of pilates aren’t followed. Deep, controlled, and mindful breathing energizes blood circulation while activating the body’s muscles and cells. Hence, breathing stands as a distinctive health benefit of pilates, leading to a sense of alertness in our breathing skills.

  • Concentration:

Pilates as a practice is about building a mind, body and soul connection. Concentration in pilates leads to mindfulness. As you practice pilates, you become more conscious of your movements, get maximum physical value from each movement as well as amplifies your body awareness. As an indispensable health benefit of pilates, you become more consciously – aware of yourself.

  • Alignment:

Throughout your entire body, the pilates method pressurizes on a strong alignment and good posture. During the pilates workout, it is essential to be alert of your head, neck, shoulder, spine and pelvis position which leads to proper technique, stance and breathing as well. Regular pilates practice leads to such alertness of alignment and mindful breathing even in your daily life.

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