Tower Reformer


Tower Reformer

Experience the versatility and functionality of the Tower Reformer, an innovative apparatus that
combines the benefits of a tower and a reformer. Crafted with precision using high-quality
materials, it offers exceptional durability and strength. Seamlessly transition between exercises
for a smooth workout experience. Enjoy optimal comfort with the ergonomic carriage and
adjustable headrest, enhancing alignment in your Pilates practice. Customize your workouts
with adjustable springs, straps, and integrated Motr handles, tailoring them to your specific
needs. Upgrade to a Reformer/Cadillac Combo for expanded exercise options and an elevated
Pilates routine.

The Tower Reformer, with its Semi-Cadillac combination, adds versatility to your exercise
system. Made from premium materials, this apparatus offers both durability and elegance.
Convert effortlessly from a Reformer to a Tower, allowing for various modes of usage. The
additional handles and equipment are crafted from the same quality materials for consistency.
Experience the simplicity and multi-functionality of the Tower Reformer, suitable for a wide range
of workout styles. Take your Pilates practice to the next level with this exceptional equipment
that delivers a comprehensive and dynamic workout routine

  • Easily adjustable and non-weighing, the Push To Bar Belt offers convenience during
  • The set of extra handles is crafted from special leather, ensuring durability and optimal
    usage with long springs.
  • The roll-down bar is made from original hornbeam wood, adding a touch of elegance to
    the equipment.
  • Thanks to its foot system, the Tower can be effortlessly disassembled and moved
    without the need for adjustments.
  • The Tower features hooks under its legs, allowing for certain exercises to be performed
    outside the equipment.
  • The lightweight and wooden legs of the mat converter make it easy to fit and use on the

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