Joseph Pilates was a man who spent his entire life trying to improve physical and mental health during the early 20th century. And let’s just say that he was beyond successful in doing so. Ever since then, Pilates has become widely popular and accepted globally as more than just a fitness regime but as a lifestyle.

The countless ways in which our lives have changed and been affected since the pandemic has forced us to reevaluate the way we look at physical fitness and even mental health. The importance of having a healthy lifestyle and the holistic nature of Pilates and its emphasis on nurturing the mind-body connection can help revive the physical and emotional equilibrium we’ve been missing out on in our lives.
The core principles of Pilates are balance, control and body awareness. These three principles address your core stability, muscle control and posture with a series of exercises that focus on working specific muscle groups to improve general well-being and also aid in weight loss.

Whether you practice Mat Pilates Exercise or any other Pilates equipment exercises, like the reformer Pilates or the MOTR Pilates, it’s designed to improve and promote control, strength and flexibility in your everyday life.

Here are some undeniable health benefits of Pilates:

1. Improves flexibility and stability
The moment when a client is finally able to touch their toes!! Oh the joy they feel, just adds to the accomplishment. The movements in Pilates are designed and put together in such a manner that they safely allow you to increase and develop your muscle length as well as flexibility. This also results in greater stability.

2. Builds core strength and improves posture
“Engage your core muscles” is a phrase that is commonly used in the fitness industry, but more often than not people seem to fail to be able to do this. The mindful movements and the awareness that Pilates brings into the equation make it much easier to achieve an engaged core. The benefits of pilates go beyond just physicality.

3. Increases body awareness and stabilizes mood swings
Pilates encourages you to stay in touch with your body as you build strength. Other strength-related fitness regimes and workouts, like weight training, and CrossFit, encourage a mentality of pushing your body to its limits. This means that you could ignore the cues that your body is giving you and are not in alignment with your body. One of the main principles of practising Pilates is to be present and make those movements mindful.

4. Prevents and rehabs injuries
Pilates is known to be a low-impact exercise that further aids and helps people who cannot perform high-impact workouts such as running or jumping. The exercises in Pilates can be modified and adjusted depending on the need of the client or athlete. It also promotes flexibility, which in turn helps to protect the muscles and tendon health, decreasing the risk of strain and tears. If you’re suffering from an injury, Pilates Academy also provides clinical Pilates in Dubai.

5. Decreases back pain and stress
Pilates addresses the postural imbalances and corrects them too! Pilates is an antidote to our modern-day problems. Being tied to the desk all day puts immense pressure and changes the anatomy of your back, and Pilates corrects it for the long term.

Due to the mindfulness needed to truly practice Pilates, the control over your breath not only reduces stress but allows you to be in the moment and forces you to balance out your body’s autonomic system, easing long-term symptoms of anxiety and stress.

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