A wonderful practice in itself, the Pilates method can revolutionise your body completely! Also known as a mind, body, and soul connection, Pilates is a practice consisting of spring-loaded workouts such as the Reformer, Cadillac and Chair as well as Matwork exercises. Pilates is a recognised workout that is highly recommended by doctors and even employed by trained physical therapists or physiotherapists for rehabilitation purposes.

Originally called “Contrology”, this full-body exercise method was created in the early 20th century by Joseph H. Pilates. A great workout for beginners, Pilates, is also known to be very versatile by nature. From newcomers to professionals, anybody can practice and enjoy the multiple health benefits of Pilates.

Start your Pilates journey with top fitness classes in Dubai with Pilates Academy Dubai. Although an extraordinary workout, the Pilates method can get overwhelming or rather challenging for a newbie. Here are some helpful tips for you to get on the bandwagon of Pilates:

1. Choose the right equipment: Pilates equipment types range from as basic as the Pilates Mat to machine equipment such as Reformers, Cadillacs, MOTR, or the Bodhi. The most popular one being Reformers, which many beginners chose to start with. The Reformer is a great resistance training equipment with a bed-like structure with a few springs and pulleys around it which acts like a sliding platform. Reformers are great for building mobility and flexibility. Although the Reformer is super fun, to start off, you can try Mat pilates first and then level up to equipment. Try reformer Pilates in Dubai with Pilates Academy Dubai.

2. Focus on technique: As a thumb rule, it’s always advisable to choose quality over quantity, that’s essential to the principles of Pilates too. With control and precision being the two key principles, the Pilates method is all about proper technique rather than a number of repetitions. Perhaps, a common mistake made by beginners is rushing into the method or making big movements, leading to zero results. It’s imperative to understand the Pilates method is a practice of slow, controlled, and well-placed
movements that can target the innermost core of your body while working on your muscles overall and requires the utmost attention as well as patience.

3. Set your workout ideology: A general notion around exercise is “no pain, no gain” but on the contrary, in the Pilates method, if you feel discomfort or pain in your body, you must pause immediately. If you experience pain, it means something is awry and not that you should keep pushing yourself to get better results. Pilates is all about mindful movement. Performing the Pilates method with pain or discomfort will not only aggravate the condition but also alter your efforts. In Pilates, it’s important to listen to your body and only with attention to detail and discipline there will be the right kind of “gain”. Master the art of pilates with the best pilates classes in Dubai – Pilates Academy Dubai.

4. Create a routine: To quote the father of Pilates “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”. Pilates is a journey, not a fitness destination, hence within the method, it’s imperative to have a set routine since it helps to feel and measure your progress better as well as advance in your practice with
more learnings and techniques. Don’t try to conquer the world of Pilates immediately, remember slow and steady always wins the race!

Pilates Academy Dubai is the perfect one-stop for all the beginners out there looking to explore and boost their fitness journey. Tap into your innermost potential and get the body of your dreams with one of the finest pilates classes in Dubai at Pilates Academy Dubai.

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