My name is Giovanni, I am 43 and I am a Senior Manager for a large multinational company. First, I have to admit that I approached Pilates with a very skeptical mindset as I thought of it as a womanish and boring physical activity. Nevertheless, the need and a brilliant Italian orthopedic based in Dubai brought me to Pilates for rehabilitation after I torn the ligaments of my left ankle. So, there I was. It was November 2015 when I first entered the Pilates Academy studio. The equipment, which since then I came to call by name, made a stunning introduction to the world of this Pilates studio: everything looked so beautiful, tidy and clean. Even the view out of the windows made the experience so amazing. From the level of details, I could perceive the huge effort made to create such pleasant environment. But this was the physical ambient of the studio, very important I would say, but surely surprises were not finished. The real surprise was actually the “Pilates lesson” and the quality of Cloe’s teaching. Each lesson was individual and unique not only in terms of adjusting it to my physical readiness and condition but also based on my emotional state. It’s impressive how Cloe makes the lesson a pleasant experience: not only she makes the flow of exercises looks continuous like they are made from a pre-defined sequence (which is not the case), but also she forces me to put huge attention to the correct use of each muscle. In other words, a physical and mind engaging experience. After every lesson I felt energized physically and emotionally. I felt new and full of accomplishment, eagerly waiting for the next lesson. Moreover, having experienced lessons also with Elena and Marianne, I can also say that Pilates Academy Dubai is full of talented instructors. All different in the way they teach as they bring something of a personal touch to it, they are very professional, extremely knowledgeable about they do, and make lessons fun. Cloe, Elena and Marianne are all very clever and talented young women, and very passionate about what they do. They make a great team!!! I started with a package of 10 lessons to give it a try. Now, more than twelve months have passed since my first lesson, I am having my wife joining the classes with me, and I am happy to say that my skepticism has been replace by addiction.”

The Pilates Academy® is a Registered Brand in the UAE.

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