Often in my practice I face patients with chronic neck, back or shoulder pain. Frequently the real problem is a muscular fatigue leading to several compensation attitudes and imbalance culminating in postural defects. To treat these kind of problems, since 2015, I have had a very close professional and friendly collaboration with Cloe, very highly skilled Pilates Teacher and owner of Pilates Academy. Together, we build a specific global and individualized postural program, “tailor made” on the patient, mixing our different points of view and deciding about the right techniques to be adopted in order to reach the final balancing and harmonization of the patient’s musculoskeletal system. That means, after few Pilates sessions, relief of pain and patient satisfaction. Ambiance, stunning view from the top of Dubai, huge spaces, cleanness are added values to this very well equipped center. And the globally positive feedback from patients is our greatest professional satisfaction. Brava Cloe.”

The Pilates Academy® is a Registered Brand in the UAE.

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