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Ashera is a free spirited world traveling wisdom keeper.

Originally trained as a massage therapist, body worker & energy medicine practitioner. She is natural intuitive giving her a unique understanding of the physical, spiritual, energetic and emotional bodies of existence. A student of life and learning through the experience she continued alternative educations in Ashtanga Yoga, Reiki, Tantra, Pilates, Dance, Erodanza, Theta Healing and eventually becoming an ordained shamanic minister. She is passionate about guiding and supporting individuals to discovering and awakening their souls, hearts minds and bodies to their deepest and fullest embodiment in turn activating global awareness and awaking.

I first discovered mat pilates at a rec center when I was 18, once a week for 6 months. Then I read a book that said “ yoga and pilates your keys to a better sex life” haha sold!

I continue to practice and take classes when accessible and available in my life flow. Pilates assists proper alignment, strengthening the inner core muscles and the pelvic floor ????

Being at the pilates academy is like walking into a second home. The energy is welcoming, open and clear. I love being surrounded by woman who move from their hearts dedicated to guiding and motivating people to generate healthy and supportive lifestyles.

I enjoy teaching all forms of movement, energy, connection, sexuality and embodiment classes. In the summer months of June to Oct, I teach at my home and sanctuary in Upstate NY. In my floating months, I venture to where spirit calls or a group requests my presence.

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