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Anjali has always been a fitness enthusiast and has loves curating HIIT fitness concepts. Her concepts are very well received by individuals bustling in their busy lives that are continually on the lookout for workouts that blast calories fast. Her entrepreneurial journey with fitness began when she founded A-TONE in Dubai. It was then Anjali, a certified trainer, created the Cross-cut style of working out.

The Pilates Academy in Dubai is Anjali’s new venture where she trains for Reformer Pilates and Motr. She curates and conducts classes that are a combination of Pilates and HIIT. Her active Motr class focuses on burning a ton of calories, challenging stability and core.

Anjali believes in changing lives in the simplest and realistic ways that are possible. She has mastered and enjoys conducting HIIT PILATES- a combination of both routines to fire up the core, add interval training to burn those calories, keep the heart rate up and spike up the adrenalin.

Previously, Anjali created cross-cuit training, a hybrid of cross-fit and circuit training that incorporates time-based HIIT routines into strength training such as strongman, resistance, Olympic weights, and insanity regimes for a total-body meltdown without the risk of overexertion.

Anjali’s motto is to choose fitness as a lifestyle, as working outdrives her. Anjali Chandiramani is a Dubai-based MBA holder with a passion for clean living.

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