Pilates Academy International®

Pilates Academy® represents the Pilates Academy International® (P.A.I.) School of New York in the Middle East, offering its comprehensive PILATES Professional Training and unique CARDIOLATES® Teacher Training for the first time in the Arab countries.

The Pilates Academy International® Teacher Training program is dedicated to training competent and confident instructors in the Pilates method. Our program prepares you for teaching well-rounded, inspiring Pilates Matwork classes and personalized lessons for all body types on all the Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and Barrels.


This course is the perfect preparation for the Pilates Matwork and Reformer Teacher Trainings as it delves into the structures of the human body and how they work together to create efficient movement. This course reviews the structures …


Pilates Matwork is the foundation of becoming a Pilates Instructor and teaches the full Matwork repertoire with a specific focus on the anatomical and biomechanical functionality of each movement. This course covers the entire original …


In Pilates Reformer students learn to teach the full Pilates repertoire on the most popular of the Pilates apparatus- the Reformer! This course covers the Reformer exercises, and equips students with an ability to customize workouts  …


The Pilates Cadillac course is designed to expand your Pilates practice towards a more rehabilitative approach allowing correction of faulty movement patterns. The course teaches fundamental exercises and their progressions  …


This is a great course to give you the skill set to challenge your clients on the Pilates Chair with appropriate modifications and progressions. Discover how to safely and effectively use this powerful piece of equipment 


The Pilates Barrels course is inclusive of the Spine Corrector, Arc Barrel and Ladder Barrel and aims to familiarize you with all the Pilates Barrels repertoire so you can add this into your classes! Learn how to incorporate  new movement …


Cardiolates Teacher Training teaches you all you need to know about the Rebounding technique including the choreography of Cardiolates group classes as well as protocols for all fitness abilities …

SilkSuspension (™)

This Aerial Pilates program utilises the controlled instability offered by the dual suspension points to increase inner joint stability, improve core strength and encourage proper biomechanics …

The Pilates Academy has you covered, with the most Specialized Courses to help you realize your next professional achievement!

Training Application®

Teacher Training Program

The Pilates Academy® is a Registered Brand in the UAE.

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