1. How did you first get into Pilates?

Someone I knew kept inviting me to her Pilates Mat classes and I kept thinking it sounded like too mild a movement experience for me. Little did I know! When I did finally try it, it was love at first sight!


2. How do you ensure you keep developing within the Pilates discipline?

I am constantly taking continuing education courses, participating in my colleagues’ workshops both at the conferences I teach at and others I attend, as well as taking as many classes with fellow instructors as I can!


3. What do you feel are the ways that pilates helps your clients?

There are so many ways that Pilates helps my clients! Movement is always healing, it is centering, brings well being, energy, health to them. More specifically, Pilates helps develop their balanced muscle strength, flexibility and control over their bodies.


4. Share your experience of teaching/being at the Pilates Academy.

I am thrilled I’ll be teaching classes at Pilates Academy Dubai in February 2020.


5. Where can we usually find your teaching?

I am usually teaching in Panama City, Panama or around the world sharing my classes and workshops.


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