Instructor Paola 

Paola @paola_mindbodysoul

Originally from Italy, Paola has been in the fitness industry since the age of 17 and is passionate about all things both Fitness and Nutrition related. She started her journey by teaching movement and gaining numerous teaching qualifications such as indoor cycling, body pump and personal training. Coming to Pilates through spinal injury having suffered two herniated discs and lumbar arthrosis she found benefit from regular Pilates practice. Paola wanted to share her knowledge with her clients and qualified as a Pilates Instructor and loves to motivate clients to achieve their personal targets. Did you know Paola is a keen kitesurfer, snowboarder and runner as well as a qualified Nutritionist?!  

What do you like about teaching at the Pilates Academy?

I love to share my experience with other amazing instructors and absorb their knowledge through simply being part of the same space for a few hours. I love having the chance to meet clients from different parts of the world, each at a different level, and seeing their progression. I love that they enjoy coming to the Pilates Academy as much as I do as a teacher.

What is your Pilates speciality?

I’m not sure I have one, but all my classes are a blend of my experience and knowledge from 15+ years of teaching in the fitness industry. I’m looking forward to adding yoga skills top my classes as I will soon start my journey towards becoming a yoga instructor. I have a good touch and like to assist my clients through movements

What have you learnt the most from teaching at the Pilates Academy?

I have learnt a lot! Two things especially:

  1. That we are all unique. What works for one person might not work for someone else. Individual practice is the key!
  2. That we are oneness. The body can’t work properly, nor heal or improve, if the mind is not connected and vice versa.

What is your favourite piece of Pilates equipment? 

One day it is the Cadillac, one day it is the Reformer, one day the Chair and one day the Barrel. It’s crazy how amazing all these are and I can’t really choose! If I had to buy only one for my dream house, I’d go for the Cadillac.

What else do you do outside of Pilates for fitness?

I’ve always been into sports and could love without it! I love running and kitesurfing here in Dubai but, if I could, I’d live 6 months on the mountains to snowboard and 6 at the beach to kitesurf all day.

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