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Our Frenchie and core-strength addict, Marianne, has been working at the Pilates Academy since 2015. She discovered Pilates after being plagued with injuries following rhythmic gymnastics training as a youth. She is passionate about helping people to train correctly and well as being our specialist in Pre and Post-Natal Pilates. Did you know Marianne also loves keeping herself up-to-date with the latest international news and loves a debate on the topic?! Otherwise you catch her outdoors in nature or writing poetry!

What do you like about teaching at the Pilates Academy?

The people, by far! People who chose to train at the Academy are usually ready to connect with themselves, their bodies and with others on a deep level. 

What is your Pilates speciality?

I specialise in core function: This includes working on pelvic ailments, core strength and of course assisting prenatal and postnatal clients through their journey.  

What have you learnt the most from teaching at the Pilates Academy?

I have learnt so many things over the years! But mostly I have had the privilege of training all sorts of bodies and treating a variety of injuries, thanks to the heavy hours I originally taught. The Academy lives up to its name: it’s an incredibly formative environment!

What is your favourite piece of Pilates equipment? 

The Chair without a doubt: There is no cheating on this piece of equipment! 

What else do you do outside of Pilates for fitness?

Anything “organic”. I was once a cardio junkie and used to love the gym and studio classes. As I grow I’m very much content with impromptu swims, long walks (or runs!) with my toddler on his bike, spontaneous dancing and any other outdoor activity.

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