Instructor Francesca


Did you know Francesca used to be a competitive synchronized swimmer and has a Degree in Sports Science? She discovered Pilates and fell in love during her sporting career and was amazed at how it helped her to understand the alignment of her body, improve flexibility and prevent injuries. Her passion is to educate clients on the essence of movement and help people to incorporate this into everyday life.

What do you like about teaching at the Pilates Academy?

I like the energy that there is in the Pilates Academy studios- both JLT and Business Bay and  I like the professionalism of my colleagues and the way we all work to support the clients! 

What is your Pilates speciality?

I love teaching Matwork class and I am crazy in using a lot of props….be ready! 

What have you learnt the most from teaching at the Pilates Academy?

Take the time to be in touch with the client and find and understand the best way to adapt and personalise exercise and the workout for them!  

What is your favourite piece of Pilates equipment? 

All kinds of Pilates balls!

What else do you do outside of Pilates for fitness?

I am a swimming coach, an aqua fitness trainer and I teach Aquabumps (a specific pre-natal workout in the water) which keeps me busy!

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