Being alone with our own body is the best way to enhance our corporal awareness and perception, but also the hardest. During these on-floor trainings challenge comes from Matwork progressions as well as from using a set of Pilates props (balls, foam rollers, Magic circles).

Designed to take your Mat workout to the next level, this class will challenge your total body strength and maximize your stamina, definition and muscular endurance by using a variety of props (Magic circle, Foam Roller, Toning Balls, Small Ball). Warning, this class is not for beginners, or get ready to embrace the burn!
The Booty Barre routine is a fun, energetic, workout that fuses traditional Barre exercise with Dance, Pilates, and Yoga to tone, define and chisel your entire body! If you are looking for stronger and leaner but shaky legs, an instantly lifted butt and a bunch of sweat, this has just became your favorite class!
Cardiolates® is an exciting exercise program which combines the cardiovascular and physiological benefits of Rebounding with the core strengthening and alignment principles of Pilates. This Cardio-Pilates experience brings fat-burning and upright alignment training to your Pilates classes, together with a lot of fun!
Do you want to optimize your energy and productivity levels for the day? The Cardio Awakening class will lead you to a new transforming morning routine. Warm up through mindful breathing and postural exercises, target your Cardio activity with an Interval Bounce legs/abs/ arms circuit and stretch!
Designed in California to challenge the Pilates enthusiasts by bringing them “to the next level”, this class offers an incredibly diverse workout with unexpected balance, strength, cardio, agility and core exercises. Never heard of it before? Of course! We are the only studio where you can book you Motr classes in town!
The one and only Aerial Pilates class in town! This Suspension fitness program increases inner joint stability, improves core strength and encourages proper bio-mechanics for an amazing total body, core strengthening workout in the air! Who said that Pilates couldn’t bring any more challenge to your workout?!
We offer classes and workshops specifically designed and developed for Post-natal women. Our Post-Natal classes - reserved to only 3 people per session - offer a safe workout focused on getting your strength back after delivery and helping you to reconnect to your body.
The Body Art Challenge exercises focus on muscular harmony, deep strength, breathing, control and flexibility. Every sequence is inspired to Dance and Yoga alignment, while Pilates offers the support to deep strength and resistance. You can only find this class at the Pilates Academy!
Enhance your physical practice through the traditional sequences of this ancient mind-body discipline. By practicing Qigong you will increase your vitality and energy levels, improve your focus, concentration and sleep, support your cardiovascular system, strengthen your muscles and relieve stress.

The Pilates Academy® is a Registered Brand in the UAE.

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